Feb 03, 2024

EU4 Azerbaijan: a single place for the latest information on cooperation with the EU

Are you looking for the latest information about EU cooperation in the countries of the Eastern Partnership? If you are living or interested in Azerbaijan, you can access live updated information on almost a thousand projects and programmes funded by the European Union in these six countries, thanks to a unique integrated online platform – the EUDIGITOOL – developed and maintained by the EU NEIGHBOURS east programme.


The EUDIGITOOL pools information about EU-funded projects and their activities, which is then fed live into six country website – eu4azerbaijan.eu


All information is available in local language as well as English.


A total of 927 ongoing and completed projects are currently featured across the websites, of which 172 regional projects and the rest bilateral, fed in real time from the EUDIGITOOL, with the latest updates reflected on the country websites as soon as they are approved on the platform. 


By visiting the websites, you can find detailed information about each project in your country, but also their latest news, success stories and opportunities, as well as key highlights in relations and cooperation between the EU and your country.


Find out more: eu4azerbaijan.eu