EU Business Climate Report Azerbaijan 2018

The report not only draws insights into the current economic conditions and business and investment climate in Azerbaijan, but also sheds light on the expectations for short-term growth of EU companies active in the country, focusing on the challenges they face and the opportunities available.

The EU Business Climate Report 2018 is shaped by the findings of this business climate survey that reflects the perceptions of EU companies doing business in Azerbaijan of the current economic situation and the business and investment climate in the country.

In general, as in previous years, the survey consists of 20 questions on the current economic situation in Azerbaijan, the impact of the business environment in Azerbaijan on individual companies and demographic indicators of companies.

Following the data quality assurance, 131 complete answers were considered in order to obtain a reliable and statistically significant sample for assessing the business confidence of EU companies operating in Azerbaijan and cooperating with Azerbaijan. It should be noted that the number of responses is 31% higher than last year's survey.

The companies surveyed represent 16 industries with a wide range of activities, and the majority of respondents are Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities; Mining, Oil and Gas; Wholesale and Retail; Obtained from Transport and Warehousing and Construction. The companies surveyed have headquarters in 22 countries. 23% of them are German companies, and 20% and 11% are Azerbaijani companies importing EU goods and services to Azerbaijan, respectively, and UK companies operating in Azerbaijan. The companies participating in the survey also differ in size. Thus, 38% and 50% of companies are micro-enterprises (with less than 250 employees) and small and medium-sized enterprises (with less than 250 employees), respectively, and 12% (with more than 250 employees) are large enterprises. . It should be noted that the majority of respondents were Directors / Chief Executive Officers (47%) and Managers (23%).

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